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CMDRF Contribution Details option in spark

As per Circular No 99/2018/Fin dated 31/10/2018, and Circular_No_88/2018/Fin 25/09/2018 the following changes have been done in ‘ CMDRF (Flood 2018) Contribution details’ option:

The employees whose option already given as ‘Yes’ for salary deduction can be changed to ‘No’. (If the option is once changed to ‘N’, it cannot be changed further). Those who had already given the option other than Salary deduction, ( i.e. NR+ remaining from salary or PR arrear + remaining from salary or Surrender + remaining from salary) and processed 9/2018 salary with CMDRF deduction,  in such cases details cannot be edited.
Employees who have already  given the option as ‘No’ can give their option as ‘Y’es till the salary of October is processed. After processing the salary for October 2018, details cannot be edited.

Employees  joined in service on or after 01/10/2018, whose CMDRF contribution details can now update through CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details option .Here the gross amount calculation will be based on employees 10/2018 salary details.
Any Proposal for refund from CMDRF due to the mistake from the part of DDO will NOT be entertained in SPARK PMU, and the same needs to be addressed to Fin(Funds) Department ( Refer Circular 88 Point 14)


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